Ernie umc staff Nashville plant manager

Ernie Dixon, Plant Manager

Ernie joined the Army at Fort Bragg, NC in 1960. After Bragg, he served a tour in Okinawa and then returned to the states to attend aircraft maintenance school in Fort Rucker, AL. In 1965, Ernie was deployed to Vietnam with the 1st Brigade, 101st. He then spent many years back and forth working in aircraft maintenance, anti-aircraft missiles, and security. He was stationed all over the world including USA, West Germany and South Korea. Ernie retired from the Army in May of 1980. He moved to Nashville in 1983 and worked in the Vanderbilt Police where he also attended the TN Law Enforcement Academy. In 1991, he married Sarah Vick at BMUMC and they have one son. Ernie has been the plant manager at BMUMC since 1996.

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