2019 GENERAL CONFERENCE Survey Results

A Letter from the Church Council

First, we want to say thank you to everyone who participated in the recent survey. There were 208 responses. For reference, our average worship attendance is 250. Thus, we feel we have a true representative sample.

The intent of the survey was to determine solely how our congregation felt regarding the vote from the Special General Conference back in February, regarding LGBTQ+ persons and their full inclusion in the life of the church. While we have all heard and read how the vote went (worldwide and an approximate United States vote), it was important for our pastors, staff, and lay leaders to have an understanding how our congregation felt as a whole.

The survey outcome was as follows: 60% did not agree with the vote, 34% do agree with the vote, 6% are unsure. As you can see we differ in our opinions of this issue, however Christians can and must be able to disagree and still remain in community with each other.

Further, we asked Jeffery Martin to analyze our data. He has extensive professional experience in doing so. His conclusion: “Your church is genuinely a mirror image of society and that is exactly how it [the survey] should be read.”

Because we value the feelings of all our members, we believe strongly that the next step needs to be a combination of prayer and conversation among those who wish to have it. We believe this can be an opportunity for us to strengthen our ties to each other and our church. We will be looking for ways to create conversation in the weeks and months ahead. These conversations will be respectful, done in a safe space, and done for the purpose of learning from each other and continuing to affirm our relationships with each other.

Finally, what we know for sure is that Belle Meade United Methodist Church will continue to worship together, to be in mission together, and strive to make disciples for the transformation of the world. Our pastors’ doors are open to anyone in need of a conversation. If you would like to be part of this conversation, please click the link and leave your name and email address or contact Jim or Sam.

Eric Robinson, Chair
Martha Brooke Martin, Vice-Chair

Interested in Participating in a Conversation?