There is simply so much to be thankful for. Where do you begin? My side of our family celebrated Thanksgiving together this past Saturday. We’ve begun to celebrate these major holidays together on the Saturday preceding because our children have grown up and they now have families with multiple gatherings of their own to navigate. I’m thankful that we care enough about each other to “carve out” the time that works so that we CAN be together. The turkey and food is great—but being with each other is what matters.

I’m especially thankful to be married to an amazing woman who doesn’t NEED me to be who she is, but WANTS me, nevertheless. Who continues to surprise me on a regular basis. I don’t always comprehend her depths, but I’m determined to continue to investigate.

I’m grateful to live in a place where liberty is the most important value we have—liberty for EVERY person, not just the chosen or lucky few. I don’t know why the good fortune fell on me (and you) to live in such a place as this. I do know that as I have travelled in many places around the world, those who do not have FAR outweigh those who do. And I firmly believe that those of us who have been “blessed” by our fortunate births have a unique responsibility to become a blessing for others.

I’m thankful for our church. Lord knows we don’t always do everything right. Lord knows we can be petty and small at times. Lord knows we occasionally listen to the “lesser angels” around us. But we, too, are family. Not by blood, but by choice. We won’t always agree with each other, but we will always love each other—and we will always have each other’s back.

Not everybody will be going home this week to celebrate with family. Some because they are just too far away and the logistics just don’t work. Others because there is no longer an extended family to turn to. Some because a beloved member of the family has passed and there is too much grief to bear. It is my hope and prayer for you that you will find peace and comfort, love and joy, and a profound sense of gratitude for your life and the ones you love this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!!