The Least of These

We’ve been talking a lot about Stewardship this past month. It’s time to move on to other things now—All Saint’s Day, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. Before we leave it, let me thank you for your faithful support of the church. Many of you have already turned in your Estimate of Giving for 2017 and we are confident everyone else will follow suit this week and this Sunday. Remember our goal is 100% participation. If you are a regular participant in the life of the church, I know you will want to do this.

As we contemplate what it is to be a good Steward of God’s world, I am thinking today of the numbers of responders currently in Haiti and the Bahamas and North Carolina—those places in which Hurricane Matthew caused so much destruction and death. Thousands dead in Haiti—the poorest nation in our hemisphere which was still recovering from a devastating earthquake several years ago. Those who have selflessly taken time and energy and resources—in other words those who have made genuine sacrifices—are true stewards of God’s world. Those responders know something all of us must learn—by offering themselves to help alleviate suffering in others, they find a fountain of life for themselves.

Stewardship is about so much more than money. It’s about caring for God’s world in profound ways—especially for the ones who are hurt. It was Jesus, himself, who asked the question, “when did you see me naked and in prison and hungry and cold?” Whenever you DO see it, then you know you are seeing Jesus.