A Little Child Shall Lead Us

I would not want anyone to feel bad or guilty about missing worship on Sunday, but I can safely tell you that if you missed the 10:30 service last Sunday, you missed an amazing day of worship led by our children and youth (along with able leadership from Gracie, Kelli, Alana, Nancy and several other adult volunteers). There were dozens of children and youth and they all played a role.


All of them sang—beautifully. Some of them played bells, some led prayers and some led affirmations of faith—that they, themselves, had written concerning their own faith. Some served as greeters and others served as ushers.

Amani Devault-Smith and Tanner Anderson led the Children’s Time and taught our young ones a lesson about Moses.

Maggie Wilson and Addison Francis performed an amazing liturgical dance (with an assist from Regina Girten).


James Hernandez, Emmy Carro, and Lily Wilson offered the sermon for the day. You should have heard them—they were well prepared and beautifully delivered. They were poignant and powerful testimonies to the work of God in their lives. Their messages touched me.

I found myself wishing we did this more than once a year. To be led in worship by our young ones is a vital moment for their faith development AND ours. Our young ones are capable, bright, articulate, talented, and they have something to say. We should give them many opportunities to use those gifts so they can teach us.

I know the parents in attendance were very proud. They should be. There was plenty to be proud of this past Sunday.


More than anything, we really had CHURCH that day. The spirit in the room was electric and palpable. We should be so fortunate to have that same spirit every week. But for this one day, the Holy Spirit paid us a lovely visit through our young ones. To all of them—and to all those who helped them—thank you.