Starting Fresh in 2018

Happy New Year!! We turn the page on our calendars to 2018. The years just seem to fly by, don’t they? It would be easy for us to wax on with nostalgia over things in our past—to talk about “the good old days” or whatever we think those were.

But the bigger truth is that we get to look forward and ponder what changes we might make to improve our lives, the lives around us, and the greater community in which we live. These are commonly called “New Year’s Resolutions”—an occasion to reset the clock and to try and do better some things we may have done poorly, before.

For some of us, it will be trying to get on top of an annoying or even harmful habit. Some of us will try to lose weight (me included), some will try to quit smoking or drinking or whatever other ways we tend to harm ourselves.

Some of us will make a pact that we will be kinder and gentler in the new year. Maybe we’ve all had enough of partisan politics that we will resolve to spend more time listening to the hopes and dreams of each other rather than simply talking over them.

Some of us will seek to renew our connection to God this 2018. I hope that if you have been feeling disconnected from God lately that you will take this moment to start fresh. If you’d like, the pastoral staff can help you with that and there’s nothing we’d like better. Give one of us a call and we’ll sit down over a cup of coffee/tea.

starting fresh in 2018

The Christian Church has long understood the need to start fresh. We have used phrases like “born again” to speak of resetting our clocks in a particular way. For us, it starts with confession and then forgiveness. Once those two moments have occurred, all that’s left is the “NOW WHAT?”

Let me suggest that 2018 could be a wonderful year of “NOW WHAT?” all of us. Who have I been? Who do I seek to be? How can I be a better friend, spouse, citizen?

It’s good to have a chance to start fresh. So Happy New Year!! Here’s to our best year, yet!