Finding Your Way

On Sunday, we introduced our sermon series for this month: Dare to Dream! If you missed the sermon, you can listen here. We talked about the journey of the wise men as a metaphor for venturing towards our dreams, and we discussed some of the obstacles to dreaming. Maybe you feel too old or too young. Maybe as you’ve gotten older you are more aware of the work it takes to dream — the obligations, the money, the time. Maybe you set your dreams aside to take care of your family. Maybe you are afraid your dreams will seem foolish to others. Maybe you don’t really believe you’re all that special or gifted.

But for one month, we are going to let go of all our hesitations and fears and go all in! For one month, we are going to pray every day: “God, what is your dream for my life?”

find your own way.jpg

In relation to our dreams, I’ve been thinking about the movie Moana. It also speaks of a journey. The young daughter of a chief is called to deliver Maui, a demigod, across the ocean. Moana finds Maui, but needs him to teach her the ancient form of wayfinding, or celestial navigation. Here, as with the wise men, we see another example of what it means to study the sky and let the stars lead us. In this scene from the movie, Maui says this in reference to wayfinding: “It’s seeing where you’re going in your mind … knowing where you are by knowing where you’ve been.” Watch the clip here.

In the same way, we are praying, “God, what is your dream for my life?” so we can see where we are going, so we can have direction and follow where God is leading us. As with wayfinding, who we’ve been and what we’ve encountered informs who we are now. In other words, if you were to map your spiritual journey, could you mark the terrain you’ve traversed that has made you who are? And would looking at all you’ve been through and accomplished with God, help you see where you are now and where God is calling you to go? If you need some help, take some time to follow the exercise below. I would love to see your map, or hear about your journey one-on-one!

Journey to a Dream Exercise

At the top of a blank piece of paper write: “God, what is your dream for my life?

Make a map or timeline of your faith journey over the past 3 months. Mark/Draw on your map 8-10 events/moments including family, school, church, personal moments.

Answer these questions in prayer or in writing on the same page:

Where has my journey felt full of dreaming? Where has my journey felt full of dreading?

If you think of your journey in images, what does it look like at different moments?

i.e. wilderness, open fields, rocks, sunshine, streams.

What does your journey look like spiritually? Are you searching?

full? empty? in-need of something?

What do you want your journey to look like moving forward?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Sam