Caring for Our Creation

California’s latest battle with drought conditions and wildfires has claimed over 100,000 acres of land and destroyed many homes and businesses.  Most scientists believe that climate change is at least one of the factors in these fires. The arctic ice pack is melting—that is undeniable. There are some who maintain our current climate rise is merely a “cycle” and that temperatures will lower in a new cycle.  But again, the overwhelming majority of scientists dismiss that idea and point to the growing evidence all around us.  

I’m wondering where the Christian Church is in this conversation?  I can’t imagine a more important moral issue for the future of our planet than the one that is literally threatening the future of our planet.  That so many of us would believe that it is OK to risk the future of our children is, frankly, insanity. And the church’s silence is deafening.

If we, the followers of God who have been given “dominion” (Genesis) over creation, don’t stand up and demand a change of course, then we will have monumentally failed our Creator.

Let’s not fool ourselves—changing this course will not be easy.  Weaning ourselves off of old types of energy for cleaner types won’t come without a struggle.  Competing financial interests will put up a fight and spread misinformation in order to protect those interests.  We can’t afford any longer to be so short-sighted.

Care for Creation

I want you to know that our church wants to be a leader in this conversation.  We are currently investigating transforming our entire facility to solar power.  We are in the early stages of this conversation and nothing has been decided, but there is a general agreement that solar energy is a better alternative and I am grateful for our Trustees’ and our Creation Care Team’s leadership in this endeavor.  We will keep you posted as to our progress.

Try to imagine the witness it would be to the Nashville community.  Maybe it would serve as a catalyst for other churches to do the same.  We have a sacred responsibility to care for this planet. We have no excuses.  We know the extent of the crisis and we know we can mitigate that crisis by changing some of our habits.  The future is in our hands right now.