Christian marriage is a life-long covenant and at the center of the covenant is Jesus Christ. Christ’s love for his church is the same love that a spouses have for each other. Covenant, in contrast to contract, involves the giving of oneself unreservedly in love to the other. The service of Christian Marriage is an act of serving God and proclaiming the lordship of Jesus Christ for the new family in the household of faith. 

Both our sanctuary and chapel are available for weddings. Our pastors serve as pre-martial counselors and prepare couples for marriage.


Call the church Communications Coordinator at (615) 352-6210 to check the availability of the church. Reservations for weddings are scheduled in the order requests are made. The church building may be reserved for a wedding only after approval by the ministers. All weddings for both members and non-members must be approved by a pastor before it can be officially added to the church calendar. Weddings will not be scheduled on the following:

  • Sunday

  • The month of December (unless approved by pastors and staff)

  • The week of Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day

  • Holy Week

  • Easter

  • The week of Thanksgiving


Download the Wedding Guidelines for all the policies and procedures. 

Download and complete the building request form for detailed facility information.